Swimmer’s Solution

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Swimmer’s Solution is a hydro-alcoholic dilute solution of acetic acid, especially formulated for dog’s ears.

Dogs that:

  • are often in water (like Labradors),
  • are bathed frequently,
  • live in humid parts of the country or
  • have “floppy” ears are predisposed to ear problems.

Yeasts, which thrive in dark, moist conditions are the most frequent causative micro-organism for these ear problems.

content: 30ml


Swimmer’s Solution, which lowers the pH and dries and disinfects the ear canal, drastically alters the ear canal environment and renders it hostile to growth of micro-organisms.

Directions For Use
To prevent soiling, apply the drops outdoors or under controlled conditions. Place 5-10 drops in the ear canal, massage, and allow the dog to shake the excess solution out.

30ml dropper bottles

Store at room temperature.

Registration Number
G1930 Act 36/1947

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