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With the help of a reconditioned pastry mixer, biscuit cutter and industrial oven, 3 enthusiastic ladies set out to make the yummiest, tail wagging nutritious biscuit treats for dogs. Probono nutritious crunchy treats are baked hard enough to give your best friend a good gnawing action to promote shiny white teeth and healthy gums.

Everyone agreed they should not contain any preservatives, colorants or artificial flavors and that they should be good enough that they would be endorsed by and sold only by veterinarians. Being dog lovers and living amongst a mix of breeds and characters made coming up with a name for the biscuits easy. We call them PROBONO biscuits:

Pro is colloquial for the word “Professional” 

Bono describes their bone shape which all dogs recognize

When you put it together, Probono is a term used to designate work or services undertaken voluntarily and without remuneration - just like the loyalty and affection your dog shows you every day of the week - rain or shine, expecting nothing in return.

The special teeth cleaning ingredients included in the recipes help combat plaque and tartar build up. They also contain a blend of vitamins A, E and B Group Vitamins as well as Magnesium, Zinc and Iron.

Dogs show their excitement and gratitude so expressively by wagging their tails. We know Probono biscuits will make their tails wag so every box of Probono includes the tail device to remind you how happy your dog will be when you give him a biscuit.