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How will we delivery your Pet Food and Medicines within Nairobi Country.

For Delivery Within Nairobi:

In-house delivery service

3-party service providers on client request

Shipping arrangements made by clients

3-party Courier services

3-Party Party Boda Boda Apps

Can I request Urgent Shipping?

Urgent shipping is done through 3rd party courier services at the total expense of the client.

How are deliveries outside Nairobi Done?

Deliveries outside Nairobi are made using Third-Party Courier services at the total expense of the client.

What Delivery Options are present for your orders?

Curb-Side Pick-up, from our office in Lavington.

Home Delivery within Nairobi Country.

Shipping to your nearest town for Delivery locations outside Nairobi.

Can your goods be shipped to East African Countries?

Shipping to East-African Countries is done through 3rd Party Courier Service of the client’s choice, shipping is done at the clients cost.